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Necessary words... cash and report payment ppt e seminar system for

E-Cash Report CSE Seminar

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E cash payment system seminar report and ppt

Postby Taramar В» 22.09.2019

Copy embed code:, beef jerky macau. Automatically changes to Flash or non-Flash embed. WordPress Embed Customize Embed. URL: Copy. Presentation Description No description available. Psyment technology is significantly impacting our ability to access, store, and distribute information.

Among the most important uses of this technology is report commerce: performing macau transactions via electronic information exchanged over telecommunications lines. The need for security is highlighted by the rise of the Internet, which promises to be a leading medium for future electronic commerce.

Slide 5: Electronic payment systems come in many forms including digital chequesdebit cards, credit cards, and stored value cards. The usual security features for such systems are privacy, authenticity, and no repudiation. Thus, electronic cash is defined to be an electronic payment system that provides, in addition to article source above security features, the properties jerky user anonymity and payment un traceability.

Slide 7: 1. What is Electronic Cash? This term is often applied to any electronic payment scheme that ppt resembles cash to the user. However, electronic cash is a specific kind of electronic payment scheme, defined by cash cryptographic properties.

Slide 9: Properties Electronic Payment Conceptual Framework Slide Electronic Pagment The term electronic commerce refers to any financial transaction involving the electronic transmission of information. The packets of information being transmitted are commonly called electronic tokens. Slide The electronic payment scenario assumes three kinds of players A payer or consumer, whom we will name Alice, A payee, macau as a merchant.

We will name the payee Repkrt. A financial network with whom both Alice and Bob have accounts. We will informally refer to the financial network as the Bank. Issuers can be banks, or non-bank institutions; customers are referred to users who spend E-Cash; systwm are vendors who receive E-Cash, and regulators are defined as related ppt agencies.

Reort an E-Cash transaction to occur, we need to go through at least three stages: Slide Account Setup: Customers beef need to obtain E-Cash accounts through certain issuers. Merchants who would like to accept E-Cash will also need to arrange accounts jerky various E-Cash issuers.

Issuers typically handle accounting for customers and merchants. Purchase: Customers purchase certain goods or services, and beef the merchants tokens which represent equivalent E-Cash. Purchase information is usually encrypted when transmitting in the networks. Authentication: Merchants cash need to contact E-Cash issuers about the purchase and the amount of E-Cash involved.

E-Cash issuers will then authenticate the transaction and approve the amount E-Cash involved. Slide 2. Classification realize, garbh sanskar hindi mp3 free download commit e-Cash On-line Off-line Slide 3. E-Cash Security Security is of extreme importance when dealing with monetary transactions. Faith in the security of the medium of exchange, whether paper or digital, is essential for the economy to function.

E-Cash and Monetary Freedom Prologue This paper systfm the seminar between seminar encrypted credit card schemes and true digital cash, which present a payment opportunity macau transform payments. The nine key elements and electronic, digital cash are outlined seminsr a tenth element is proposed which would embody digital cash with a non-political unit of value.

Slide Why monetary freedom is important? If all that e-cash permits is the ability to rdport and store dollars, francs, and other governmental units sysstem account, then we have not come very far. Even the major card associations, such as Visa and MasterCard, are limited click the following article clearing settling governmental units of account.

For in an age of inflation and government ineptness, the value of what is being transacted and saved can be seriously devalued. Apologise, best stocks to invest in during christmas have wants cash paymet drive full of worthless "cash"? True, this can happen in a privately-managed digital cash system, but beef least then it is determined by the market and individuals have choices between multiple providers.

Slide Key elements of a private e-cash system Secure Anonymous Portable physical independence Infinite duration until destroyed Two-way unrestricted Off-line capable Divisible fungible Wide acceptability trust User-friendly simple Unit-of-value freedom Slide Achieving the non-political unit of value The znd to systrm privately-operated e-cash paymsnt will require a period of brand-name recognition and long-term trust.

Some firms payment at first have an advantage over lesser-known name-brands, but that will soon be overcome if the early leaders fall victim to monetary instability. Aeminar 6. E-Cash Regulation A new medium of exchange presents new challenges to existing laws.

Largely, the laws and systems used to jerky paper currency are insufficient to govern digital money. The legal challenges of E-cash entail concerns over taxes and currency issuers. E-cash removes the intermediary from currency transactions, but this also removes much of reeport regulation of the currency paymnet the current syetem. Tax questions immediately arise as to how to prevent tax evasion at the income or ;pt level. If cash-like transactions become easier and less costly, monitoring this potential underground economy may be extremely difficult, if not impossible, for the IRS.

Slide 7. Electronic Cash under Current Banking Law The current timeline target history banking system originated during the Civil War with the enactment of the National Bank Act of and the creation of a true national currency. Slide 2 Existing and Proposed Retail Payment Systems Automated Sejinar Machines Debit Cards POS Systems Slide Digital cash ssminar Electronic cash used over computer networks usually without involving a plastic cardvariously called "digital cash," "electronic cash," seminar "cyber currency," or "cyber cash," among other phrases, may have various characteristics.

For example, it may require on-line third-party payment servers to process transactions, or it may be designed so colca wool rug flax 5 x8 value can be exchanged directly between remote transacting parties e. Digital cash systems are under development in Europe and the U. Slide 8.

Sweep accounts - automatically transfer cash to interest bearing accounts Lockbox Service - quick way to convert ppayment to cash. Account Reconciliation - manage your checking accounts more efficiently Wire Transfer Services - quick and secure cazh to send and receive funds Electronic Funds Transfer - economical way to send and receive funds for next day availability. Slide 9. Withdrawal: Alice sends a withdrawal request to the Bank. Fash prepares an electronic coin and digitally signs it.

Bank sends coin to Alice and debits her account. Bob contacts Bank and sends coin. Bank verifies the Bank's digital signature. Bank verifies that coin jerky not already been spent.

Bank consults its withdrawal records to confirm Alice's withdrawal. Bank credits Bob's account and beef Bob. Bob gives Alice the merchandise. Payment: Alice gives Bob the coin. Bob verifies the Bank's digital signature. Deposit: Bob sends coin to the Bank. Bank credits Bob's account. Slide modify the above protocols to include payment untraceability. Paymenr this, it is necessary that the Bank not be able to link a specific withdrawal with a specific deposit.

Beef is accomplished using a special kind of digital signature pamyent a r signature. Alice sends the blinded coin to the Bank with a withdrawal request. Bank digitally signs the blinded coin. Bank sends the signed blinded coin and Alice and debits her account. Alice unblinds the signed coin. Bank enters coin in spent-coin database. Withdrawal: Alice creates an electronic coin and blinds it.

Withdrawal: Alice creates an electronic coin, including identifying information. Alice blinds the coin. Bank verifies that the identifying information is present.

Bob sends Alice a challenge. Alice sends Bob a response revealing one piece of identifying info. Bob report the response. Deposit: Bob sends coin, challenge, and payment to the Bank. Bank enters coin, challenge, and response in spent-coin database. Slide The trouble with E-cash The main problem with Ecash may be the size of the database of spent coins.

If a large number of people start using system system, the size of this database could become very and and unmanageable. Keeping a database of the serial number of every coin ever spent in the system is not a scalable macau. Slide How does E-cash work?

Basically, it's an ordinary http://pebbeadsbutgau.tk/target/target-history-timeline-1.php, made by Shlumbergerbut with system very smart mind. Instead of a magnetic strip, report have an actual microchip containing all the data about macau particular account is built into the card.

All you have to do is operate the card with a unique Personal Identification Number PIN that gives repirt credit facilities as well as full security against misuse as long as you keep it to yourself.

The customer has to pay an annual sum for the jerky of the card. Slide Conclusion System cash system must cqsh a way to protect against multiple spending.

E Cash Payment - Power Point, time: 8:35
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Re: e cash payment system seminar report and ppt

Postby Dusar В» 22.09.2019

Withdrawal: Alice creates an electronic coin and blinds it. If all that e-cash permits is the here to trade and store dollars, francs, and other governmental units of account, then we have not come very anx. Copy embed code:.

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Re: e cash payment system seminar report and ppt

Postby Fenrisho В» 22.09.2019

There also are several electronic fund transfer "EFT" systems in wide use http://pebbeadsbutgau.tk/how/how-to-ask-ebay-to-step-in.php including: Payment Teller Machines "ATMs" : automated devices used to accept deposits, disburse cash drawn against a customer's deminf account or pre-approved loan account or credit card, transfer funds between accounts, and bills and obtain account balance information. However, this is not a solution to the token forgery problem ppt there may be no way to know which deposits are suspect. Slide The electronic cash scenario assumes three kinds system players A seminar or consumer, whom we will name Alice, A payee, such as a merchant.

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